The Newspaper Review

Time for this week’s newspaper review!

  1. The Guardian published this excellent, in depth look at why Ed Milliband and Labour lost the election. Forget ‘they were too left’, ‘they were too right’, ‘Ed just wasn’t PM material’ and all the other casually tossed out verdicts – this is good analysis. Personally, I liked a lot of what Milliband had to say, but tho article hits the nail on the head – he didn’t say it often enough, loudly enough, or clearly enough for the electorate to know what he stood for, let alone whether they agreed with the message.
  2. A scary prospect, but a realistic one, in the Herald. Thankfully we have an additional member list!
  3. A look at Charles Kennedy in the Independent – not in as much detail as some articles on him, but some interesting revelations.
  4. Boris Johnson’s piece on Greece in the Telegraph made me so incandescently angry on so many levels that I had to share it.
  5. Whilst I don’t agree that the UK would be better off outside of the EU (Monteith doesn’t explicitly state this but it is implied), I do agree with his assessment of Sturgeon’s stance in the Scotsman.

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