Whose Voice?

I am a young, female Scot. I’m not a politician, or a journalist, and neither is anyone in my family.

I was born in a council estate east of Glasgow, went to a state primary school and a state comprehensive high school. I did attend one of that pair of hallowed institutions so often and so derisively associated with politics, but I never once entered the debating chamber – I spent more time fulfilling the other stereotype on the river. I now run my own small business on a part time basis, which has nothing to do with politics, journalism, or writing of any kind, and I also work part time in a University.

I’m somewhere between liberal democracy and social democracy on the political scale. I read the Guardian and the Independent, but I try to read the Telegraph too for a bit of balance. I’m passionately against independence, and I’m anti-SNP – but I prefer to look at policies rather than personalities, and I do my research. I used to be a member of the Liberal Democrats, but now I’m a member of the Labour Party.

If you have a political topic you’d be interested to hear my views on, please drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do. If you disagree, please debate – but debate being the key word.


Got your own voice? Leave a reply.

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