The Newspaper Review

This is going to be the first one in a series of posts where I share a variety of newspaper articles from a variety of online news sources that I feel have been particularly interesting from this week. Comments are much encouraged!

  1. The Telegraph’s rather amusing and enlightening roundup of the SNP’s first week in parliament.
  2. Interesting discussion of the changing role of the Church in Ireland in the light of the referendum result in The Independent.
  3. The Guardian’s analysis of the EU referendum and how much the result will be affected by who is allowed to vote.
  4. Cameron’s meeting with Juncker and the move for closer Eurozone ties by France and Germany discussed in The Scotsman.
  5. An interesting poll in this article from the Shetland Times regarding Alistair Carmichael and the infamous memo.
  6. Another one from the Guardian, this time on what EU reform really means.

Got any particularly interesting articles from this week? Opinion pieces? Add them in the comments.